“When we gardeners become too obsessed with weeding, we forget that plants are plants, without any motivation for making our lives difficult. It’s humans who deem one plant a weed and another a delicacy. Sometimes we appear to get that very wrong. Lambsquarter (sometimes seen as lamb’s quarter or lambs quarter) is definitely one of those cases.” - Jonathon Engels from “Lambsquarter: Why This Weed Deserves to Be in Your Garden”

    White Goosefoot, or Common Lambsquarters, popped out of nowhere (as other weeds did too) in my backyard. Thanks to iNaturalist for helping me identify this mysterious weed/plant (again)! This one is also another edible non-toxic-to-soil plant that are used as a medicine/nutricous food source. It’s surface is fluffy, has white short hairs around the leaves that is similar to of Mallow.
    Again, even though I could collect and eat them, I’m still hesitant. I remember the deadly amount of pesticides that I sprayed on this area and house.

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