“Few ‘weeds’ bring a smile to my face like the common mallow does. Often considered a nuisance to many gardeners, I see common mallow (Malva neglecta) as a beautiful wild little treasure. Growing wherever it chooses to, common mallow has many health, beauty, and culinary benefits.” - Darcy Larum from “Caring For Common Mallow Plants In The Garden”

    This one also popped out in my backyard out of nowhere, mysterious plant as it is. Thanks to iNaturalist for helping me identify this mysterious weed/plant! This one also has no toxicity to soil and other plants, and they’re edible weed/plant just as good as dandelions and others!
    Again, even though I could collect and eat them, I’m still hesitant. I remember the deadly amount of pesticides that I sprayed on this area and house.

Some Online Sources on Common Mallow:
Malva neglecta
Benefits of the Common Mallow (Malva sylvestris)