“You may only have one opinion about paper wasps – bad! This opinion may have formed during a stinging encounter with one or more paper wasps after an accidental run-in. However, while paper wasps may need to be managed from time to time, they are considered beneficial and good to have around – from a safe distance that is!” - Ralph E. Mitchell from “The paper wasp – both good and bad”

    When I observed the honeybees and hummingbirds gathering around the flowers of citrus trees, I realized something else; Paper Wasp. In my youth (in Japan), I was taught and always saw these TV shows of people evicting wasps and hornets, putting them as dangerous insects. Although we all now know honeybees are so so so essential for us to and precious, what about wasps? As I was getting in more touch with weeds and plants, I came across many insects as well. In the beginning, I had a bad relationship with insects (they look so scary for some reason, and I’m still not good with them), but I thought to put as much effort into them too.
    It turns out they’re not so bad. We need them as much as we need honeybees. It’s always about the balance in ecology, no?
    Again, it brings me back the time I sprayed deadly amount of pesticide to control pests like termites, earwigs, and black widow.

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