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Document 1 - Gestalzerfall


Double-Screen Video and Sound Installation
Duration: 5minutes 54 seconds

is a double-screen video installation. The typing hands is shown on the screen of the laptop, along with a projected video of break-apart of an orange. Visualizes the gestalzerfall (“shape decomposition”) of orange in both its form and concept. The gestalzerfall is known as an involuntary breakdown of structured form caused by observing the same structure over-time or repeatedly, where the observer loses the sense of entity, and therefore, lose the sense of recognition or meaning. This phenomenon can happen with image, text, sound, touch or thoughts. Haneda expresses her experience of gestalzerfall, which happened during her search for the reason and the answer towards her love of orange. The typing video on the laptop screen brings the gesture as a language of the endless attempt of analyzation and verbalization, where the language or word itself is not shown. The video is stop-motion of the artist familiarizing with an orange, which the image become blurry over the duration of video. Meanwhile the sound of  the video comprised of heartbeat and breathing amplifies gradually.

installation view