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Malice and Battle-Axe


Web-Based installation
Website is open to public until Oct. 16th, 2021


I remember watching the news coming from a tube TV. I’m sitting on a black-leathered couch and there’s a heavy wooden coffee table in front of me. My brother is sitting on the floor, on the right side of the TV, looking back and forth of the screen and his toenails that he’s clipping. I’m looking back and forth of the screen and his bent-over back.

is a web-based work that highly resembles the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's open investigation webpage. Through the process of research and reconstructing the website, Haneda investigates her childhood memory of watching the news of a juvenile homicide or an attempted homicide case. By borrowing the structure of the police open investigation webpage, Haneda satirizes the original system and questions the memory's validity.

The investigation opens with a video, 3D image video of the scene and its vicinity, a tour through Google Earth accompanied by hypnotic Computer- generated audio. The slideshow images of reenacted CG Maker reflect the writing above, synchronizing with a series of classical religious images of female/non- binary figures with a sword. Video on the fiction book's functionality reveals its narrative source and the semiotics of fiction, confession, and memory. Provision of Information directly alters the police pdf files, make the file into more of a template format for anyone to use.

︎Provision of Information (PDF)

︎PDF version of the website