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It’s important. Can you come over?


Medium: wood, speakers, electronics, audio on loop
Duration: 14minutes 45seconds (loop)
Size: 20”x9”x9”

Medium: photo engraving and xerox transfer
Size: 18-3⁄4”x15”

is a sound-sculpture piece coupled with a print.
Both image and narrative of audio are collaged from four pieces of literature of the artist’s choice——The Aesthetics of Disappearance by Paul Virilio, Techniques of the Observer by Jonathan Crary, The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea by Yukio Mishima, and Confession of a Mask by Yukio Mishima. A two art/film theory books, one fiction-narrative literature, and one autobiography. The literature was dissected into pieces, lines were selected, randomized, and then composed into one new narrative. 

The work depicts a sense of terror and an indication of violence, which does not directly imply a specific event or a person’s experience. It’s collage-ness or nonlinear narrative resonate with a dream-state experience or a coping mechanism; censorship from your consciousness that makes certain memory, often a traumatic one, blurred. This euphemistic implication of one’s trauma and memory slowly simmers into the audience’s consciousness.